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BSides Splunk

We are back, just at a different time...

We will missing running along side of .conf. With so much packed in to the virtual conference this year, we don't want to take away from the conference. Join us this spring for our own conference. Got a topic for the BSides Splunk, head over to the CFP to submit your talk.

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.conf 2020

Postponing the BSides Splunk

For .conf 2020, we will not be having a BSides Splunk event. After a packed 2 days of events, we know you will be ready to get back to work and use all your new Splunk knowledge.

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BSides Splunk Village is...

technical topics

Our talks are not marketing hype but down in the weeds technical talks. Got a question on how that dashboard was created, ask the expert right there during the talk. Curious on why they did it a certain way? Ask during the session or say after to talk with the presenter.

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BSides Splunk Village is...

helping each other

As the saying goes, it takes a village. No one can know everything and that is not prevalent than in IT. The Splunk community is unlike any other community out there. In whole, the community is looking out for one another. Got a "noob" question, fear not. We were all once there. Got a supper technical question? We know who to get to help answer that. The community is here to help!

BSides Splunk Village is...

about our community

The community is what drove the creation of the BSides Splunk Village. Members of our Splunk community make up the presenters for the BSides Splunk Village. We are happy that we are for the community, by the community.

All videos are on the Splunk User Community Experience (SPLUCX) YouTube site.

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